Blomdahl manufactures stylish, hypoallergenic jewellery for adults and children. They are also the innovator and market leader for medical piercing and have developed a unique, quick and safe method for ear and nose piercing. Blomdahl’s jewellery is manufactured in nickel free materials, with beautiful, classic and unique designs that are comfortable to wear every day. Find your favourites for each day of the week.

Nickel allergy is by far the most common contact allergy, but what you might not know is that 10% of all people are allergic to gold. All metals contain nickel to some degree, although it may only be minute amounts. The term ‘nickel-free’ is therefore a little misleading.

At Blomdahl, it has always been their policy to produce earrings using medical grade titanium or medical grade plastic. There is none or so little nickel in our jewellery that the nickel content is, in essence, zero. This means that you cannot develop a nickel allergy from wearing our jewellery, and that someone who already has a nickel allergy can wear jewellery from Blomdahl.

Blomdahl Skin Friendly Jewellery

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