An Irish Run Business

Mobility Genie is a truly Irish family run business. It had its humble beginnings in 1990 when Deirdre with her Nursing background, first offered what was to become a unique/ specialised retail experience. Deirdre studied Gerontology due to her passion for positive Ageing and Empowering Independence as we age. Cliff who is Deirdre’s son joined the Business 10 years ago and has himself become a product specialist in the retail of Medical supplies and equipment for independent living. Cliff has now brought the existing unique Retail experience to the next level with a 21st Century approach to make the service available to people Nationwide and beyond by introducing MobilityGenie.

Maximum Comfort And Independence

There are stages in our lives when we encounter difficult situations when we, our families or loved ones will be faced with challenges relating to reduced health, or even reduced mobility or experience pains, aches or inconvenience due to the fact that we are getting older. When these situations present themselves - often quite suddenly -we all want to give the person maximum comfort and independence while keeping them safe in their natural environment for as long as absolutely possible. This will often involve the use of
assistive living products. Choosing these products can prove difficult, as the person sourcing them may have little knowledge of the amazing array of products available and the process involved in selecting the most suitable item for their particular individual needs.

Accessible To Everyone

The problem we see is that stores like ours are not accessible in every town and County so people must travel long distances or take a gamble online. In a time when our ageing population is growing significantly, it is important to provide this service. This is the reason we have created MobilityGenie.

We have put our Customers' journey to the fore when designing the MobilityGenie Platform. It is important for us to ensure our users experience a simulated instore experience. This will be achieved by our users answering some general questions relating to their particular situation, educating them on products suited to their needs and fully informing on how to use these chosen products correctly. We have used our 30 years of expertise and product knowledge to create the videos associated with each product to ensure our users receive all the relevant information before purchasing through our simple and easy to follow process.

To date we have a reputation that attracts referrals from all medical professionals such as GP’s, Hospital Consultants, O. T’s, Physio’s, Physical Therapists, Community Nurses, Chiropodists, Podiatrists, Pharmacists, and Healthcare Assistants as well as the Private Homecare sector.