Transforming 30 years of Brick and Mortar Experience into an in-store Digital Experience.

18 Months ago we started the journey of transforming our family business in Kerry into a business that has the potential to change the lives of people all over the World. For 30 years we ran a brick and mortar store in Kerry serving customers in need of mobility products and a friendly face in there time of need. From this experience we researched an effective plan to bring this knowledge and product selection to the rest of the country.

We set about building the product that would eventually evolve into Mobility Genie. We utilized supports from Enterprise Ireland, the Local Enterprise Office and IT Tralee. Our company was accepted onto the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers Programme in 2017, this allowed us to focus on the development of our product with support from some amazing individuals. The LEO in Kerry gave us the financial support to build our product and engage key experts in this process.


Another organisation that has played a key role in our journey is Retail Excellence. We have been a member of Retail Excellence for the past few years through our retail store Medical Mobility. We decided to reach out to them to see if they could help us in any way. Luckily for us, David Fitzsimons happened to be in our area and was kind enough to call and see us. After outlining our plans, he replied "I have just the man for ye" and he then proceeded to call Patrick McCormack who happily agreed to meet with us. 

We travelled to Waterford to meet with Patrick who is the former CEO of Sam McCauleys Pharmacy and has over 30 years experience in the Pharmacy sector with expert knowledge in developing and growing a Business. After meeting with him and getting his reaction we knew we were on the right track. He has been a key part of the Mobility Genie team since then. His positivity, energy and guidance has been invaluable to date.

Last year we attended the Retail Excellence Retreat with the intention of soaking up all that was on offer throughout the two days from attending seminars, speaking to exhibitors and most importantly networking. We left full of positivity, motivation and contacts. This year we returned after turning our idea into reality and we got to showcase Mobility Genie at the MJ Flood Stand.

We are now looking forward to commencing the rollout of Mobility Genie Nationwide through the Pharmacy Network from early June and hope to successfully provide a service that will empower Independence and enhance the quality of life for those, their families, friends or loved ones who will use this digital experience we offer through Mobility Genie.