Empowering Independence Post Hip Replacement Surgery - Mobility Genie

You will be advised in most cases not to bend down to pick something up from the floor.

Solution : An Easy Reacher.

You will need help to put on your socks.

Solution: Various sock aids available.

Help to put on or remove your shoes.

Solution: Shoe horn.

Help to urinate without getting out of bed (Male).

Solution: Male Urinal.


Keep safe by not having to travel to the bathroom if there is distance involved.

Solution: Commode (preferably adjustable in height and adjusted to your comfort to enable easily sitting and standing)

If your toilet is too low that it makes sitting and standing difficult to do independently.

Solution: Possibly a toilet raiser in the correct height for you.


In addition, you may need a Grab rail installed or a drop-down rail to help you to sit and stand safely.


Or Toilet surround with raiser Adjustable in height. This will give you a rail on both sides to assist you.


If you need to shower safely

Solution: you may need a shower stool or shower chair depending on the amount of floor space you have to play around with. In my opinion, this also needs to be adjustable in height adjusted to your height,  in order to facilitate you getting on and off easily and independently.

It is possible that you may have swollen ankles (related or unrelated to surgery)

Solution: Wide top socks or hosiery available in standard size or extra roomy and different sizes depending on shoe size.

In addition extra wide fitting shoes or slippers to facilitate the swelling and not interfere with the circulation going into the feet.

Difficulty in the car.

Solution: several possibilities in this situation 

Wedge Cushion to level up the seat.


Handybar to assist getting in and out of the car.


Swivel cushion to place on the car seat to enable an easier turn of the bum to allow the feet to turn more easily.


Car Caddie can also assist the person in getting in and out of the car.


Difficulty getting in and out of an inappropriate chair.

Solution: Cushion to raise the height of the seat part of the chair or cone raisers to put under the feet of the chair, depending on the chair may or may not be suitable. 

Note: ideally one should be sitting in a chair that has the correct seat height, seat depth, Correct height of the back of the chair, Arms on both sides to assist the person getting on and off the chair independently. 



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