Kymco K-Lite FE - Auto Folding Scooter

Colour: Metallic Mink
Sale price€2,999.95
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Pickup currently unavailable at Farranfore, Co. Kerry


K-lite FE scooter has been designed to offer you the ultimate lightweight folding scooter, for ease of storage, transportation & handling. These very compact & ultra-lightweight scooters incorporate the very latest technologies in lightweight materials, electronics, folding mechanisms & safety of use!

K-lite folding scooters utilise an ultra-lightweight lithium battery pack, weighing only 1.64 kg, making it so easy for you to manage. You can even leave your scooter in a different location to the battery pack, such as inside the boot of your car. Then carry your battery pack indoors, to conveniently charge it up. The frame is made from a special lightweight aluminium, which makes this little scooter very easy to manage & lift. We have also incorporated a simple quick release & removable seat, to enable you to create an even lighter package to lift, should you wish to make your scooter even lighter !

For your convenience an “under-your-seat” storage bag has been added, allowing you to keep your valuables conveniently close at hand. You can even reach the front access pocket from your seat. For safety, a low power consuming LED front light is fitted, so you can be seen in lower ambient light conditions. K-lite FE has a ‘child safe’ personal wireless remote, enabling you to fold & unfold your scooter automatically. Additional ‘child safe’ buttons for folding & unfolding are located just under the drive controls, just in case you should misplace or lose your personal wireless remote.


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